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Before you go to the trouble of calling or emailing us, our frequently asked questions could help you find a quick solution. Scroll down to take a look.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the pricing work?

Our pricing structure is very simple – smaller schools that have fewer users and less data pay less than bigger schools. Every effort has been made to keep costs low and we feel that The HOST is excellent value for money. Our customers agree too – one headteacher recently said that she thought it would be £1000 per subject and she thought that was still good value. When we explained that it was less than £1000 for all 12 subjects and all the accompanying resources and features she was very pleasantly surprised. 


Visit our PRICING page for more information or contact us to find out more.

Do I pay on an annual subscription or monthly?

The first annual charge is made when you subscribe and renews automatically unless you cancel your subscription. Cancellations need to be made with 6 weeks notice.

Can I access all materials and resources on any device?

If you can get online then you can log in to your HOST account. If you have an Apple or Android device then you should definitely download the app as it has been designed to be really user friendly on your tablet or phone – and it is free! Regardless of the device you are on, if you can browse the Internet (on all the main browsers) then you can simply go to and log in.

What subjects do I get with my subscription?

We are always asked this question as people cannot believe they get all the subjects for such a small charge. To be honest, we did think about charging separately for each Subject Leader Toolkit but then as we felt that consistency was going to critical across a school – especially during an inspection – the last thing we wanted was some subjects to have access to these great tools and resources and others to have been left out due to financial constraints. So yes, with your subscription you get access to all 10 Subject Leader Toolkits as well as all the other great features, resources and tools.

Do I still get access to the platform if I leave my current school setting?

The subscription model we have at The HOST is currently just for schools who invest in the platform for all of their staff. Currently, if a teacher works at a school that does not have a subscription to The HOST then they will not be able to access the platform.





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Location: Innovation House, Power Road, Bromborough, Wirral CH62 3QT

Telephone: 0151 638 6283


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