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Online Teacher Training- The HOST demonstration

Computing Leaders Seminar

20th May 2022: 13:30- 16:00

Spend a full afternoon with the curriculum team at Prenton Park as we deliver hands-on sessions with our MTA kits, Micro:bits, Lego Education SPIKE, Indi robots and VR kits. We will also provide you with an update of our revised planning and skills progression, as well as an introduction to our new knowledge organisers.

Online Teacher Training- The HOST demonstration

STEM Speed Networking

7th June 2022: 15:00 – 16:30

An opportunity to meet and learn about organisations that provide an exciting range of resources, experiences and activities. Each partner will have a 15-minute slot to introduce their organisation and highlight the benefits and relevance of their resources to your subject. 

Online Teacher Training- The HOST demonstration

Music Leader Webinar

30th June 16:00 – 17:00

Looking to enrich your classroom’s musical experience? Secure a spot to attend our Music Leader Seminar with Gemma Sapp. 

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What hi-impact clients are saying

‘Thanks Phil and Liam for a really useful session. Great to have both of you so that we could see the classroom from a teacher and student point of view, thanks.’

A Ritchie
Devonshire Park Primary School

‘I’d like to use it during lockdown to give the children something different and much more exciting to do! It’ll also be extremely useful to use in the classroom when we are back as it only requires setting up the presentation and iPads. It was brilliant.’

L Williams
Priory Parish

‘It was brilliant- thanks. I will be using a lot more IT in my lessons after we go back. I have learned more in the last two weeks with webinars, than I have in my whole career! Thanks!’

E Nichols
Barnston Primary

‘No improvements needed. It was very insightful’

M Oakley
Grosvenor Park Academy

This was fab and hoping I can pass it onto other staff as a better way of approaching home learning! It was great – thanks so much Gemma!’

H Hudson
Gayton Primary

It was a great webinar, perfect amount of time. All topics covered quickly but with the right amount of detail. I found it very useful. Thank you Ian’

D Williams
Devonshire Park Primary School

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